When you’re moving out of state, there are a few options that you have for the appliances in your home. You’ll probably want to take most of your small appliances with you so that you’ll have a variety of ways to prepare foods.  

What to do with larger appliances can is questionable. Depending on whether the home you’re moving to already has the appliances that you need, you may not need to take them with you. However, if your appliances are new or high-end, you may want to keep them instead of leaving them in your home for someone else to use. If you plan to move your appliances, then consider a few tips from a professional moving company for moving them out of the state.  

Manufacturer Help  

Before you move, contact the dealer where you purchased your appliances or the manufacturer to find out if there are any special instructions that you should follow. You should also get a copy of the operating instructions so that you know how to connect the appliances in your new home properly.  

If you don’t have a phone number, then consider looking online for the information about the appliances that you have as many companies post copies of manuals for viewers.  


Plan on unplugging your appliances about a day before you begin packing so that you don’t forget to unplug them. Your refrigerator should be emptied with all of Food. Throw away perishable items that won’t last for the duration of the trip inside a cooler. 

Once the freezer is defrosted, you can begin cleaning the inside of the freezer and the refrigerator so that it’s ready to load on the moving truck. If you have a freezer, then you need to follow the same timeline so that it can defrost as well.  

Disconnect any water lines if there is an ice maker in your refrigerator. To prevent the racks in your refrigerator from moving around, remove them and put them in a separate box for the trip.  


Make sure you remove the racks inside your stove before putting the appliance on the moving truck. Clean the inside of the stove and the burners. You can remove the burners if you think that they could shift during the move. 

If you have a gas stove, you need to contact the gas company to disconnect the lines and to ensure that you prepare your stove in the safest manner possible.  


Remove all the dishes that are inside the dishwasher, securely wrapping them and putting them in boxes. The holders and racks can be removed and put in a box so that they aren’t sliding around in the dishwasher.  

Consider running a cycle through the dishwasher without dishes inside so that it’s clean before you load it on the truck. Make sure to disconnect the water line and give the dishwasher ample time to dry before packing it to reduce the risk of mold or mildew.

Final Tips 

Detach cords from your appliances, put them in a box, and label it. Make sure the doors and lids are taped so that they won’t come open. Consider wrapping your appliances with a moving blanket or plastic to protect them until you get to your new home.

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