Feeling stressed out about packing and unpacking? Maybe you thought you could easily conquer your moving list, but now you’re faced with a mountain of household goods and empty boxes. Between work, life and everything else, you might not have the time or energy to properly pad, wrap, and box your belongings. Add to the mix items that require special attention – like collectibles, artwork, and family heirlooms – and it can seem like an unwinnable battle. Give yourself a break by letting Cheap Movers Tampa find you a full-service moving company that provides exceptional packing and unpacking services at affordable rates. Get started by requesting your free quotes today!

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When tackling a move, proper packing is crucial. Your possessions need to be adequately padded, boxed, and secured in order to survive the trip to your new home. The potholes and bumps a moving truck will encounter is enough to damage valued items if not suitably prepped. Proper packing is tricky, so it may be best to hire professionals. Packing and unpacking services can be added to your moving package or purchased separately. The Tampa movers in our network offer the following services:

Full Packing

Let’s face it, you may not have the skills or desire to properly pack. Life also tends to get in the way. Why not hire pros to take care of it for you? Full-service packers can relieve your stress by handling all packing and unpacking requirements from start to finish.

Partial Packing

For the most part, packing is a simple but time-consuming process. When it comes to certain household goods, however, you may want to leave them to pro packers. Whether you want an entire room or just a few precious items skillfully packed, a partial packing service is a great way to save time and money!

Packing And Crating Valuables

When it comes to antiques, artwork, and collectibles, you don’t want to take any chances. By hiring a packing specialist, you can rest assured that your prized possessions, from porcelain to canvas paintings, are properly boxed or crated and arrive unharmed at your destination.

Furniture Disassembly And Reassembly

Since furniture is bulky, it typically requires disassembly when moving. Fortunately, you don’t have to tackle it on your own. Tampa packers can help you take apart and reassemble dining room tables, shelves, beds and other unwieldy furnishings.

Packing For Storage

Your storage unit could quickly turn into a chaotic mess, increasing the chances of damage and inability to locate anything. Instead of haphazardly throwing your stuff into storage, you can always enlist the help of a packing service that can efficiently organize and stack your possessions.


So, you got your packing covered, but what about when you get to your new place? By that time, you’re probably going to be drained. The last thing you want to do is unpack. A full-service moving company can lift the weight from your shoulders by providing expert unpacking services.

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Packing Tips For A Drama-Free Move

Make your packing experience organized and drama-free by following these helpful pro tips:

Begin Early

Procrastination and packing don’t go well together. Give yourself plenty of time to plan, purge, and pack. Start by investing in packing materials like sturdy boxes, tape and packing peanuts. Once you have these supplies, you can begin packing. The key is to do one or two boxes at a time, making sure to start packing stuff that you won’t need during your move. Another great tip is to fill your boxes with peanuts or other packing materials so that they can handle the weight of being stacked, especially if they’re going into storage. Properly tape boxes and clearly label.

Purge & Downsize

Take stock of your household goods. By doing this, you’ll get a sense of how much stuff you have, what should be packed, and what can be discarded. Once you’ve looked through every room, the purging process can begin. Keep it manageable by working on one room at a time. Sort through everything. You can either make ‘keep’ and ‘discard’ piles or label if too bulky. Sell, donate or dispose of any unwanted items like electronics, toys and clothes. You’ll be amazed at how much stuff you don’t need anymore. Begin this process at least a 1-3 months prior to moving.

Pack Properly

Methodical packing can save you a ton of space and protect your valuables from damage. Begin by placing heftier items at the bottom of each box. Fill spaces with packing materials or old clothes to limit movement. Make sure to secure the bottom of boxes with tape. Have some nice clothes you don’t want to fold? Use wardrobe boxes. Make sure to leave ample time to pack your kitchen, which usually requires more time to pack. Refrain from using newspaper for dishware as the ink will stain.

Crate Or Wrap Specialty Items

For the most part, you’ll be able to pack most of your possessions into cardboard boxes. Some items, however, will require special attention. Important documents and fragile antiques should be transported in your vehicle and not placed on a moving truck. You’ll need to crate TVs and other large electronics. Art, such as canvas paintings and sculptures, will also require special wrapping and transport. Any other delicate or breakable goods should also be given proper attention.

Prep A First Night Box

With moving day about a week away, you should be almost done with packing. This is the perfect time to fill a first night box. This box or bag should contain everything you’ll need for the first day and night at your new home. Items can include snacks, drinks, hand tools, toiletries, toys, bedding, clothes, and prescriptions. Make sure your first night box is easily accessible.

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