Making a long-distance move? Whether for a new start or work, relocating to or out of Tampa often comes with many challenges. Unfortunately, a move of this magnitude can be much more stressful than relocating across the city. You may need to juggle moving logistics with finding a new job or place to live, along with preparing yourself and loved ones for a new beginning. Do you have the time and energy to deal with all of this? If not, you may want to consider a long-distance moving service.

Hiring a reputable interstate hauler is simple with Cheap Movers Tampa. We do this by streamlining the search process. No more complicated and exhausting searches. Our network of federally licensed and insured movers is vetted, ensuring that you’re in great hands. Plus, you get to enjoy quality moving services at competitive prices. Request your free quotes today. Compare and save!

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Interstate & Cross-Country Moving Services

Through Cheap Movers Tampa, you can find a moving company for all your interstate relocation needs:

  • Apartment & home moving: We connect you with experienced long-distance haulers. All our moving partners are licensed (US DOT) and insured to safely and securely transport your household goods across state lines. Whether you’re coming from a tiny studio or large family house, our skilled relocation specialists offer exceptional moving services.
  • Office relocations: Can you really afford any delays and downtime? Of course not. When it comes time to relocate or expand your business, you really should leave it to the professionals. Our qualified office movers can quickly and securely move your equipment, furniture, inventory, and other business goods. Enjoy a smoother transition.
  • Furniture: Items like couches and armoires are bulky and hefty. Add the complication of an out-of-state haul, and you’re looking at a bigger issue when you arrive at your new place. By that time, you’ll probably want to do anything but lug around your heavy furnishings. On top of that, you may end up damaging drywall, wood trimming or yourself, especially if you’re tired. That’s where professional relocators can save the day! Leave the lifting to the pros.
  • Piano: Moving a piano to another part of Florida or cross-country requires great care. Whether it’s an upright or baby grand, you want to make sure it arrives in pristine condition. Fortunately, we can easily pair you with a piano moving specialist with the right balance of experience, skill, and affordability.
  • Storage: Moving can be complicated. Maybe you’re waiting on an apartment approval or still house hunting. In any event, you have a bunch of stuff with nowhere to put it. Thankfully, many Tampa moving companies provide short-term storage. If you decide to hire an all-in-one moving & storage company, you’ll be able to experience a streamlined move while enjoying lower rates.
  • Full-service moves: This is the best service to choose when it fits your budget. Sit back and relax while your entire long-distance relocation is skillfully executed. One of our relocation partners will inventory, pack, load, unload, unpack and even arrange your furniture and appliances. As the quickest, most painless option, full-service moving is the finest way to move!
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5 Tips For A Successful State-To-State Move

Moving long-distance doesn’t have to be so stressful. Follow these 5 pro tips for a successful relocation:

Plan Ahead

Give yourself ample time to plan and coordinate. Procrastinating is the last thing you want to do. It’s generally a good idea to start the process at least 3 months in advance. Begin by going through each room and taking stock of your household goods. Then, make a checklist of everything you need to get done to ensure a successful move. If you start early, you’ll reduce the chances of a rocky moving day.

Hire Moving Services Early On

To secure the best rates and availability, contact moving companies at least a few months prior to your relocation. This is especially important if you’re moving during the peak moving-season months of late spring and summer. Planning a move during the offseason will increase flexibility, and companies typically charge lower rates as well. If this isn’t an option, just make sure to book as soon as possible to secure the date you need.

Purge & Downsize

It’s amazing how much stuff accumulates in a house or apartment over time. Since interstate moving rates are based on weight, you’ll need to consider what exactly you want to take with you. Start with one room and go through your household goods. Examples of items that can discarded include toys, clothes, books, electronic devices, and appliances. You can either donate, recycle or dispose of items that are worn or disused. Begin this purging process 1-2 months before moving.

Inventory Goods And Label Boxes

OK, so now it’s time to pack. Before you throw random items into unmarked boxes, you want to itemize your belongings and label accordingly. If you decide to pack yourself, make sure to invest in tape, labels and markers. Clearly mark every box so you and the movers know what’s in it and where it goes, if desired. You can color-code to make for quicker unloading by using a specific color for each room.

Get To Know Your New Area

You’ve arrived at your destination. Everything is unpacked and accounted for, but you may be out of sorts. It’s common for most people to take some time before they feel at home. You might not know many people yet or where everything is located. Even if you’re shy, a great way to get to know your new surroundings is by going out and exploring. Get involved in a local fitness or book club. See what your new town or city has to offer and embrace your new home!

The best way to prepare for your move is by jump-starting the moving quote process. When you contact us today, we’ll pair you with interstate licensed moving companies that provide you with free moving estimates, so you can compare and make a smart decision! Get started with the quote form now!

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