Relocating to a new office or commercial space is hard work. Along with day-to-day business operations, there’s the added stress of juggling moving logistics and tying up loose ends. This task requires great focus to ensure a smooth transition and minimal productivity loss. It’s a lot of pressure to have on your shoulders. Hiring office movers to handle your relocation will allow you to relax, so you can give your company and customers the full attention they deserve. If you’re planning an office move in Tampa, Cheap Movers Tampa can connect you with reputable commercial moving services to ensure a successful business move.

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Commercial Relocation Services

Your business move is in good hands with our skilled moving partners. Offering an assortment of commercial moving and storage options, our network can tackle an office move of any type and size. From burgeoning startups to corporate HQ relocations, we’ve got you covered with the following Tampa business relocation services:

Local Relocations

Whether dealing with business growth or an expired lease, you need office movers you can trust. An office move requires skill and experience, and so you don’t want to leave it up to an amateurish outfit. We can pair you with qualified local office movers that know your area – from Downtown Tampa to St. Petersburg – ensuring a successful relocation with little downtime.

Long Distance Relocations

Moving your company into or out of the Sunshine State? If you’re looking for a seamless and drama-free business relocation in the continental United States, look no further. We connect you with licensed and insured interstate haulers that specialize in moves just like yours. From small businesses to large corporate relocations, our specialists provide a smooth move in Tampa and beyond.

Storage Options

When preparing to move your business, you may require temporary storage for inventory, furniture, and equipment. Fortunately, most moving companies also offer storage services. Providing ample room, lighting, and security, you can rest assured that your moving company will ensure your valuable business items are safely stored. You can further streamline your move by hiring an all-in-one moving & storage company to handle all your logistics and storage needs.

Specialty Business Moves

Do you work with specialty equipment? Whether you’re in IT, healthcare, or another industry, if you’re about to relocate, you need a moving crew with the right tools and expertise to safely transport your bulky, sensitive and expensive gear. Cheap Movers Tampa helps you source specialty movers equipped to properly handle electronics, medical devices and other unwieldy items.

Corporate Moves

Relocating employees or new hires to or from Tampa, FL can get complicated. You want to limit disruptive events and downtime by hiring dependable moving professionals experienced in corporate moves. If you need assistance with your corporate relocation, contact Cheap Movers Tampa. We help you find affordable residential moving services, so your employees can experience a stress-free move.

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Our Tips & Advice For A Successful Office Move

Relocating your business comes with a unique set of logistics and challenges. The following 10 tips will significantly increase the likelihood of a successful business move, whether you’re expanding your company or facing an expiring lease.

1. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Planning is key to a positive office moving experience. This process should be started 4-6 months prior to relocation, if possible. Use productivity tools such as timelines and checklists to lay down a solid plan of attack.

2. Hire Moving Services Early

Comparison shop for a qualified commercial moving company 1-3 months prior to moving. If you’re like most businesses, you have equipment and furnishings that require proper handling. Make sure your movers are experienced and ask them for references.

3. Inventory And Label Everything

This step can’t be stressed enough. Keep inventory lists of your supplies/merchandise, take photos, properly label boxes, and use color coding. This step will limit confusion and delays at your new office.

4. Purge Your Old Space

You’ve most likely accumulated a lot of disused goods over time. This can include worn furniture, old documents, tired supplies, and broken equipment. These items can take up precious space and clutter your new office. Instead of moving them, perform a purge. Donate, sell, and dispose of unwanted items before you begin packing.

5. Order New Office Supplies

During the purging process, it may dawn on you that you need to get new supplies. By ordering supplies 1-3 months prior to your moving date and having them sent to your new address, you’ll be prepared to hit the ground running.

6. Buy Moving Insurance

Don’t forget proper coverage! With all your valuable equipment, you’ll want to safeguard it during the moving process. Inquire about insurance options with your moving company.

7. Handle Logistics Properly

This is a hectic time, so you’ll want to make sure that you strategically plan the relocation of your business. Schedule to move when things are slow. Notify employees, clients and neighbors about your upcoming move. Make sure movers have access to parking and loading areas.

8. Give Everyone A Buffer Before The Move

Nothing’s more chaotic than a busy business during moving week. To limit the drama, refrain from scheduling too much activity before moving day. No big deadlines or meetings. As a result, your clients and employees will be relaxed and happy.

9. Hire A Cleaning Service

Once everything is moved out, you’ll quickly realize how dirty the carpet, walls, and fixtures have become during your tenure. Hire a cleaning crew to come in to make it spic and span again.

10. Reinvigorate Your Employees

After relocating, staff might find it difficult to get back into the swing of things. In order to get acclimated to the new location, have your team come in before reopening to set up their desks/workspaces and take a tour. Have a special happy hour or lunch for employees to celebrate this new chapter for your business!

By planning, you’ll set your company up for success. Get a hold of Cheap Movers Tampa today if you’re looking for quality business relocation services in the Tampa Bay area.

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