Residential moving can be a big hassle. Along with having to pack your entire household, you may have to simultaneously search for a new place, get rid of unwanted items, and handle the overall logistics of your move. Not to mention work, family, friends, etc. Who has time for all of that? Instead of exhausting yourself, you can always hire a residential moving company.

You might have already looked around or asked a friend, but who can you really trust with your belongings? What you need is a dependable Tampa moving company with quality employees, equipment and trucks – all at an affordable rate. Cheap Movers Tampa can pair you with just the right residential movers. Every moving professional in our network is fully licensed and insured. If you’re looking for quality services you can count on, we can help. Request your free moving quotes today!

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Budget-Friendly Residential Moving Services

From loft apartments to multi-level homes, every move has its own unique requirements. We can help provide a smooth moving day by connecting you with top residential moving services in Tampa, FL.

  • Full-service moves: Let a skilled mover take care of everything, from start to finish. Typically, a long-distance option, if you have the budget, this is the easiest way to relocate. Relax as all your packing, loading, unboxing and arranging is professionally planned and executed.
  • Hourly moves: Paying by the hour might be your best bet when dealing with a less intensive relocation and tighter budget. If you’re in need of an economical solution while moving in-city, you may want to consider an hourly rate versus a flat rate.
  • Apartments: You may have originally felt like you could tackle your apartment move. Then reality hits. Between your job and everything else, you may be sweating it. Apartment moving is not easy. Protect your back and sanity by allowing us to find an apartment mover that can safely and quickly negotiate staircases, hallways and other apartment building obstacles.
  • Condominiums: Tampa has some great condos. Whether this is your first or you’re moving from another one, it pays to hire condo moving specialists that can efficiently transport your belongings. Contact Cheap Movers Tampa today!
  • House moves: The average US house is quite spacious. With that space typically comes many household goods. You may be wondering how you’re going to get all of it moved from point A to B. With the right equipment and moving trucks, a residential relocation specialist can make your Tampa move seem effortless, regardless of size.
  • Packing/Wrapping/Crating: In need of expert packing services? We got you covered. From porcelain and glassware to canvas paintings and sculptures, our network of packing professionals can crate, wrap and box your most prized possessions. Ensure that it all makes it safely and securely to your new home.
  • Piano moves: Relocating a piano, whether down a few buildings or to the other side of town, is quite the undertaking. If you’re looking to prevent damage to your cherished grand or upright piano, we can help to source an experienced piano mover in your area.
  • Loading/Unloading: Renting a U-Haul? You may have your packing and driving needs covered, but what about bulky items like furniture and appliances? Avoid a trip to the back doctor by allowing us to connect you with a moving crew that can speedily load and unload your truck.
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A Moving Checklist For Residential Moves

Complete your move on time without major headaches by using our moving checklist:

1-3 Months Prior To Move

  1. Plan ahead. Schedule your move ASAP. If possible, plan it during the moving offseason.
  2. Take a tour of your home. Go through each room and make a note of what needs to be packed or discarded.
  3. Shop around for relocation services. Make sure whoever you’re considering has up-to-date licensing and insurance. That’s never a concern when you find movers through our platform!
  4. Hire a moving company. It’s easy to drag your feet, but book as early as possible. Also make sure your belongings are properly insured.
  5. Donate and have a yard sale. Between these two options, you should be able to keep your new home from getting cluttered.
  6. Secure personal records. This can include medical, school, dental, etc.
  7. Make checklist & pack early. Keep a to-do list and actively work on it. Box anything you won’t need until after your move.
  8. Submit a Change of Address form. This can be done at your local post office or online.

1-4 Weeks Prior To Move

  1. Arrange services. Don’t forget to confirm arrangements for your pets and/or automobiles, childcare and travel.
  2. Fill your prescriptions. This includes medications and contacts. It’s easy to lose track while coordinating a move.
  3. Schedule cancellation of services. Utilities, cable, subscriptions, etc. Don’t forget to start up any services you’ll need at your new place.
  4. Cancel home insurance. Contact your insurer to end your current policy and start another one for your new home.
  5. Inspect furniture. Check furnishings for damage and keep records and photos in the event there is an issue.
  6. Dispose of flammable materials. Carefully and properly dispose of paint, gasoline, oil and any other hazardous liquids.
  7. Clean your apartment or house. Hire a cleaning service if you don’t have the time or ability.
  8. Pack “first night” box. Pack anything that you’ll need for the first night into an easily accessible box or bag.

One Day Prior To Move

  1. Mark items not to be moved. Clearly label what you don’t movers to touch.
  2. Prep kitchen appliances. Clean toaster and/or microwave. Defrost and disinfect refrigerator.
  3. Pack any last-minute household goods. Be sure not to leave anything important behind.
  4. Get some sleep. You’ll need to be sharp tomorrow. Enjoy a quiet night in and rest up.

Moving Day

  1. Preplan furniture arrangement. Keep movers happy by planning ahead of time.
  2. Color code. Speed up unloading by picking a color for each room and labeling accordingly.
  3. Be present during unloading. You’ll want to be there if the moving crew has any questions.
  4. Start to unpack. Begin with your kitchen, bathroom and anywhere else you’ll need immediately.

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