Moving is a stressful process with seemingly endless to do lists to tackle. When you are moving from an apartment into a home, there is an added element of stress. There is a whole new shopping list that goes alongside home ownership as well as new responsibilities you may never have considered.  

These tips from residential moving services will help you get smoothly set up in your new home.  

1. Get Basic Tools

When you live in an apartment, you can get away with not owning tools. When you need something fixed, all you must do is notify the landlord or maintenance crew, and it is taken care of for you. In your home, you are the one who will be performing minor repairs.  

basic toolkit will keep you covered in most situations. At a minimum, you will need a hammer, screwdriver, wrench, and a drill. Any home improvement store will be able to get you set up with your first toolkit.  

2. You Are Now the Landscaper

When you live in an apartment, the only time you probably give any thought to lawn care is when the landscapers are mowing outside your window at an ungodly hour.  

When you live in a house, maintaining the lawn is now your responsibility. You will need a good mower, a string trimmer, rakes, trowels and shovels to keep your turf looking good throughout the year.  

3. Plan for Fire Safety

In an apartment building that houses dozens or hundreds of occupants, fire codes are strict. There are generally industrial alarm systems and sprinklers. When you have your own home, you are the one who needs to plan for fire safety. You will want a fire alarm on every level of the home and a fire extinguisher in the kitchen.  

In many areas, the local fire department will come to your house and give you a free consultation, help you install alarms and create a fire escape plan.  

4. Research Local Repairmen

Every homeowner remembers their first home emergency. A flooded basement or a burst pipe can leave you at a loss if you aren’t prepared for these things to happen in advance, and they will happen.  

Now is the time to compile a list of reliable emergency repair technicians. Find out which plumbers, electricians, and roofers have the best reputation, and store their numbers in a convenient location. When things go south, you will be ready to tackle the situation and minimize damage to your home.  

5. Don’t Forget Pest Control

When you were living in an apartment, you probably never even thought about the lack of pests. Most landlords have a monthly contract with a pest control company for preventative maintenance of the property. 

If you don’t hire a pest control company for monthly spraying when you move into your home, you may find you have a nasty infestation on your hands. When it comes to pests, prevention is always the best method of control. Ask your neighbors for recommendations for a good pest control service.  

The transition from apartment to house can be easier if you know exactly what to expect. Planning is the key to getting securely settled into your new home.

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