Moving into a new home can be stressful for many reasons. One of these reasons is that it can be difficult to visualize your furniture in your new home. Fortunately, there are several great apps that will allow you to create floor plans for your new home before the movers arrive.  

Here are six of the best:  

1. Home Design & Free Floor Plan

This online app, which is also available as a phone app, lets you easily create a floor plan using your phone. After taking pictures of your rooms, you then place your furniture right into the pictures. Best of all, it is completely free to use.  

The app is free, and there is nothing extra to buy.  

2. Planner 5D

This app lets you create your floor plan using 2D or 3D graphics, with the latter allowing you to create photorealistic plans. You can also share your plans over social media and with members of the Planner 5D community, which consists of 17 million users.  

The app is available is for phones, desktop computers, and web browsers. While the app itself is free, though, many of its advanced features require an in-app payment.  

3. Roomle

This app not only lets you create a 3D floor plan, but it makes doing so as easy as possible. It is especially easy to move furniture around in a room. You can also save and view completed plans if you want to get professional input.  

What’s more, the app is completely free to use and is available for phones and web browsers, though you do need to register it before using it.  

4. Sweet Home 3D

This particular app is unique among those listed here in that it is open source. This means that not only it is free but also that the makers of the program have no commercial intent at all. It also a desktop-only app, and may appear a little dated in comparison to some other floor plan apps.  

But it is still a powerful tool for quickly drawing up a simple floor plan, which can then be rendered in either 2D or 3D.  

5. MagicPlan

This app is great if you are looking for a floor planner with all the bells and whistles. You can use this tool to create very complex and detailed floor plans. But while it is powerful enough for a professional designer to use, it is still easy enough to use that a normal person can create a floor plan without much difficulty.  

It is available for phones, and there is a free version, but most of its unique capabilities require a monthly fee.  

6. Floorplanner

This online app lets you create and share interactive floor plans, which can then be viewed with an iOS app. With this tool, which has more than 12 million registered users, you can draw a floor plan in just a few minutes and visualize your entire living space in either 2D or 3D (at an additional cost.)  

What’s more, the basic version is free of charge, which should be sufficient for most users.

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