Setting up your utilities in preparation for a move is frustrating, but no one wants to step into their new home to find that the lights don’t work, or the water doesn’t run. Fortunately, most utility companies make setting up your service easy. We’ve compiled all the information you need in one handy resource. Here’s everything you need to know if you’re moving to Tampa 

Natural Gas 

Not all homes will need natural gas service, so you’ll want to check your appliances to figure out whether they’re gas or electric before getting in touch with a provider. If you do need natural gas, Tampa proper luckily only has one major provider.  

Peoples Gas provides all of the gas services to the metro area, and they provide the option of setting up or transferring service directly through their online form. You can complete the form in a matter of minutes, but keep in mind that you will need to provide your social security number.  

This provider can usually connect your service within 48 hours, but you may want to schedule your service two weeks in advance of your move just to be safe.  


As with natural gas, Tampa is serviced by a single power provider – TECO Energy (the parent company of Peoples Gas). The fact that it’s operated by the same company as Peoples means that you can conveniently set up your service using the same account and interface.  

Their move-in form is even identical. Providing a two weeks’ notice is preferable, though it likely won’t take that long to have your power connected.  


The Tampa municipal government oversees water services. While many city utilities are behind their private counterparts regarding online access, the Tampa government has a convenient sign-up form. All new accounts require a deposit, and you can check the status of your request through a provided tracking number and access key.  

You may want to consider enrolling in a MyTampaGov membership. It’s free and allows you to track the number of publicly provided services and pay your bills online.  


There is no need to set up trash services; these services are performed automatically by the City’s Department of Solid Waste. However, you should be aware of the rules and regulations for trash collection. You can check the dates for garbage collection in your neighborhood here and read about specific rules for collection.  

Tampa also offers comprehensive recycling services to all residents on a weekly basis.  

Cable and Internet 

While most utility services in Tampa are governed by a single provider, there are four major companies offering cable TV and internet services. These include local brands like HughesNet as well as national names like Comcast, AT&T, and DirecTV.  

Just keep in mind that DirecTV and Xfinity by Comcast are the only options available to you if you’re looking for service that bundles together both internet and cable TV options. Pricing can vary significantly with the season and the unique needs of each customer, and there are dozens of options available at any given time. You can compare bundles to find the plan that fits your specific demands.

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