Half the hassle of moving is getting everything unpacked and organized in your new place. Getting organized and staying organized will make the unpacking process go faster and smoother.

Let’s look at eight ways moving companies say you can get organized and get the unpacking done.

1. Unpack Essentials First

When you were packing your old place up, hopefully, you created an essentials box that you marked “Open First.” Those are the items you need to unpack first so that you can get through the first couple of days without losing your mind.

2. Unpack One Room at a Time

Put simply, having one room completely unpacked is better than having four of them partially unpacked. Why? You know that room is completely done, and you don’t have to worry about it. You can now focus your efforts completely on the next room.

3. Unpack One Box at a Time

When unpacking a room, work with one box at a time. Get everything out of it and put it in its place. It’s the same principle as going one room at a time. That box is done, and you can move on to the next one. You don’t have to worry about going back and finish unpacking half-done boxes.

4. Designate One Place for Linens

If you have a central linen closet, great. If not, designate a spot for gathering linens such as sheets, towels, and bedspreads. This will allow you to find them without hunting through a myriad of boxes, closets, or containers.

5. Make the Kitchen and Bathroom Priority

When it comes to daily living, cooking and bathing are two essential functions. Unpacking the kitchen allows you to make meals for the family, eat on real dishes, and clean up as needed.

Unpacking the bathroom allows everyone to take baths and showers, handle personal hygiene, and use the toilet without worry. With those two rooms organized, you can work through others as you prioritize them.

6. Designate Time for Unpacking

If you have to go back to work soon after moving, you need to designate time for unpacking. You can spend an hour or two in the evenings, and 4 or 5 hours each day over the weekend. By setting aside the time and doing the unpacking, you will get your home organized and out of boxes in just a week or two.

7. Clean as You Go

Don’t leave empty boxes and packing material lying around. When you unpack a box, break it down. Have a designated location, such as the garage or utility room, to gather moving boxes as they are emptied and broken down. Put packing materials in bags to be recycled.

Pick up any trash that might have accumulated while unpacking. By cleaning as you go, you will keep the room neat and make unpacking smoother.

8. Keep Tools in a Designated Spot

Unpacking often involves using a utility knife to cut open boxes plus various tools for reassembling furniture. Have a designated spot for tools, such as a toolbox or a tray. When you are not using the item, it goes back to the designated spot. That way you know where to find things next time you need them.

These tips will make your unpacking go faster and let you settle into your new place.

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